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Avis is a vehicle rental and travel services company that works on an international basis through partners and direct branches. It features numerous brands of cars for rent, deals, discounts, travel and car guides, customer solutions and memberships. Customers choose Avis for its comfortable experience and discounts.

Up to 35% Off Bookings

Exp: 12-31-2021
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X858096 Copy Code

Exclusive! 25% Off Your Booking

Exp: 09-30-2020
Used: 365 3view all

A519302 Copy Code

Up to 40% Off Your Booking

Exp: 12-31-2023
Used: 570 1view all

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Up to 30% Off Your First Reservation With Avis Email Sign Up

Exp: 06-30-2022
Used: 132 1view all

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Up to 30% Off Rentals

Exp: 12-31-2023
Used: 11 3view all

S107101 Copy Code

$15 Off $125 Or More

Exp: 12-31-2024
Used: 50 0view all

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Summer Trip Save Up to 30% Off When You Pay Now

Exp: 12-31-2024
Used: 41 1view all

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Up to 20% Off Rentals at Off Airport Locations

Exp: 12-31-2024
Used: 37 0view all

S699400 Copy Code

Up to 40% Off Your Order

Exp: 12-31-2025
Used: 48 0view all

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Save UP To 30% Off Base Rates With Prepay

Exp: 12-31-2025
Used: 16 2view all

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Up to 30% Off Your Bookings

Exp: 01-31-2026
Used: 54 0view all

A031300 Copy Code

30% Off Select East Coast Pick-Ups

Exp: 12-31-2024
Used: 24 2view all

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Get up to 30% off plus 10% back Gift Card

Exp: 12-31-2023
Used: 136 1view all

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Save up to 30% when you select pay now. Book with Confidence!

Exp: 06-30-2023
Used: 31 1view all

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Up To 25% Off + Extra $25 Off

Exp: 09-30-2020
Used: 59 0view all

A433300 Copy Code

$25 Off Base Rates of $175+

Exp: 09-30-2020
Used: 17 1view all

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$75 Off Orders Over $600

Exp: 12-31-2023
Used: 37 1view all

muwa058 Copy Code

$25 Off Rentals Over $175

Exp: 12-31-2024
Used: 37 0view all

muwa057 Copy Code

Up to 25% Off Weekend Rental

Exp: 12-31-2025
Used: 16 2view all

A249300 Copy Code

Save 15% On Rentals Of 5 Days Or More

Exp: 06-30-2023
Used: 56 0view all

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Save Up To 10% On Monthly Rentals

Exp: 12-31-2023
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Up To 30% On Rentals

Exp: 09-30-2020
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Up to 30% Off Rentals In California, Arizona, Florida And Hawaii

Exp: 09-30-2020
Used: 12 1view all

A275900 Copy Code

Free Weekend Day

Exp: 09-30-2020
Used: 88 1view all

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