Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is affiliated website with international groups and corporate business partner for big brands thus understands the importance of user privacy.

Information which is utilizing between us:
We at have set a standard for record keeping which reflect a soft and positive image for our clients. We keep information and clicks of user and by utilizing this history we try to make a profile which enables us to display and outlay the most interested content for our customer.

External Information:
We keep detailed external information such as IP addresses and cookies as standard which is normally removed automatically when system is refreshed or antivirus is active however other files such as Log file is kept at backup.

Your security is our priority:
We at always make sure your each and every information is kept personal and secure our limited staff is access to review your details in term of updating products and services according to your interest. We have surveillance cameras and computer programmers and online 24/7 recording process in which its can be clearly seen what user at what time is using which computer for what purpose We Have 100% No tolerance Zone is eye of keeping in our customer privacy as for us "Your Privacy is our Priority."

New updates in Privacy Policy:
The above Mentioned Privacy Policy is standard we make sure that every possible measure is taken to ensure strict compliance of privacy policy is positive manner for every client and customer we have. We keep on Updating and Sometime edit in our policy and it often result in different sets of rules and regulation for the customer. WE work in line of providing excellence service and transparency in our information. however is a private own entity and company have the right to amend, change or Remove any policy without any Notice.

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